Somnio CBD Infused Honey Sticks 10mg

Somnio CBD Infused Honey Sticks 10mg

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CBD Infused Honey Sticks 10mg/1 Stick By Somnio CBD are great for relaxing after a long day. Simply dissolve these sticks in your favourite tea and allow the sweet honey and potential benefits of CBD to lift your mood. Ideal for people who do not enjoy the taste of CBD. This products comes in a pack of 25 and each organic Honey Stick contains 10mg of high quality CBD.

  • 10mg CBD In Each Honey Stick
  • 0% THC
  • Rich, Sweet, Natural Flavour
  • 25 Honey Sticks Per Pack

Key Ingredients

US Grade Honey: The highest quality honey from the USA has the best flavour and clarity.

CBD - Much of the theraputic effects of CBD are carried out by our own endocannabiniod system. CBD simply promotes the normal functon of this system.
Directions of use:

  1. Bite or cut off the end of the tube
  2. Add to your favourite beverage or suck on the tube as if it is a straw to extract the sweet honey. 

This product can be eaten directly or dissolved in a hot drink.

So if you are looking for a CBD edible and have a sweet tooth or already use honey as a sugar replacement in your tea then this could be for you.